A TED that takes the “tough” out of tough conversations.

A TED that takes the “tough” out of tough conversations.

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TED talks regularly come into my inbox, but only a few make the status of viewed.  This one, in particular, had me listening and engaged in what Micah was saying and thinking about how I could put his thoughtful words into action.

Tough conversations can make us sweat, but it is helpful to remember they are usually harder for the leader of the conversation than the listener.  When I listened to Micah I was reminded how important it is for listeners to be clued-in to how the message is being conveyed, not just words but tone and body language.  These cues can help us respond in a way that is in keeping with how the message is intended. 

It also reminded me of Steven Covey’s fifth habit:  Seek to understand then to be understood. When someone is sharing this part of who they are, understanding them and their relationship with who they are is paramount.  Remember, if someone is trusting you with this conversation, you have the important responsibility to honour that trust.   Use the opportunity to make them glad they did!

Have a listen to Micah and challenge yourself to be a better ally to your colleagues, family and friends.