How to be an Attractive Employer

How to be an Attractive Employer

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You want to make sure that potential applicants are attracted to your roles. Even more so, you want to secure top talent. How do you keep up with some of the most sought after companies, especially if your business is on the small side?

Here are some points to consider as part of your recruitment marketing strategy and employer value proposition:

Brand Image

When is the last time you looked at your brand image?

Your business could benefit from examining your brand and how your brand is recognized by outsiders.  A well-established brand that is consistent over time is a sure way to attract potential candidates. In a sea of different companies and various job postings, a distinguishable brand is desirable for top talent.

Some points to consider:

  • Have you a well-designed marketing scheme and presentation of assets?
  • Are you harnessing your businesses’ image to your advantage?
  • Would some fresh perspective on the brand be beneficial to your recruitment strategy?

Online presence

Have you considered your online presence?

Having a strong online presence is essential to a successful talent management strategy. The majority of job seekers are online – being able to research a company online before submitting a job application forms a huge part of the job seeking process. Job seekers might spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours researching your company online before applying. A well-managed online brand could give you the edge against your competitors.

With that in mind, some questions to ask yourself before posting a job online:

  • What type of job descriptions are you posting?
  • Is the job posting written in the correct voice to attract the right talent?
  • How much detail have you included?
  • Is the language used in the job spec aligned to your culture?

Company Culture

As a company do you recognize your strengths and your weaknesses?

Companies need to stay fresh while also remaining true to themselves. This level of authenticity will establish an attractive consistency to which potential candidates will want to engage with. Self-awareness of your business’s good and bad qualities will help you focus on results in a flexible manner – potential employees will appreciate this honesty.

Keep in mind:

  • Strike a balance between comforting sameness and cutting-edge newness if you want to get noticed.
  • Think about company culture and what’s in it for the job applicant
  • Invest in employees

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