How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Self

How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Self

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During the interview stage, people often ask us how to strike the right balance between standing out from the crowd and putting their best professional profile forward.
 When an opportunity comes along, showing your personality is certainly a top priority to every hiring manager. 
Here are some tips to help you balance professionalism with personality during the interview process:

What is the company culture?

Ask your recruitment consultant, ask your friends, look at the website. Most, if not all, companies will have some information on what is important to them. If not, the language and style of marketing will give you a good indication of the type of message they want to put out to their clients.

 When you first visit the office for an interview, observe the behaviour of the employees and managers. Are they walking around and socializing or does everyone stay at their desks working? Does the environment seem structured or open?

Use your skills.

When you are in interviewing or meeting with your hiring manager, use an example of a skill set from your own personal life. Use something that you can decipher the reaction and interest by the company representatives in the room. If you play a sport or have been involved in volunteer activities, you can use examples of resilience or teamwork. Here you may spark an interest that can lead to further conversation to show what you love to do in your spare time.

If in doubt – leave it out!

You should always start at zero on the scale, you are a professional and your skills and qualifications are up for discussion. You can test the water to see how much personality your interviewee would like to see by using the above tips. However, if you’re not completely sure that your behavior will be appropriate in the given setting – there’s most likely a reason for it, so hold back on this occasion.

The right job is not always out there the minute that you start looking. Why not take the time to discuss your career with us; follow our job postings to keep up to date on new and relevant positions or get in touch to begin the journey to your new career.