7 Conversations to Have With Employees

7 Conversations to Have With Employees

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It is important to engage in purposeful and meaningful conversations so that you can connect with your team. Below is a list of conversations that you, as a leader, should be having with your employees:

The Induction Conversation – a very short conversation that ensures that the professional relationship gets off to a good start and stays healthy.

The Goal Setting Conversation – identifying the right level of stretch and ensuring that you both know what has been agreed. Aligning effort to strategy.

The Delegation Conversation – involves a level of trust in which you empower employees while also maintaining the right level of oversight.

The Feedback Conversation – talking to employees about the range of inputs that make up performance; results, behavior, adherence to company values, etc. Letting people know how their contribution adds value – and also what needs to be changed.

The Coaching Conversation – developing self-awareness and responsibility by helping your team work through challenges and issues.

The Performance Management Conversation – often an organizational requirement, allowing the leader and report to stop, assess and record how things are going.

The Tough Conversation – a broad description covering anything from a performance improvement plan, disciplinary conversation or even making a position redundant.  The focus is on finding solutions and moving on.

There’s no hard or fast rule about these types of conversations or how frequently you have them. Just make sure to take the time to have regular conversations with your employees. They benefit everybody and will contribute to a successful team.