Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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As I read once, “if you can’t name it, you can’t manage it” which has helped me on my way (no, I will not say journey, nor will I say navigate) to identifying and managing my own emotions.

The responsibility for understanding your own emotions starts early.  Children and teens are often the recipients of conflicting messages when it comes to feelings.  These messages can be gender-biased, sexuality-biased, confusing and just plain wrong.  It will be up to the emerging adult to separate the conflicting messages around emotions and find their own truth.

To help my 3 teens with that difficult task, I have been listening to a book by Sheri Van Dijk that focuses on teenage emotions but is easily applicable to adults.  And when I saw this article on IG this week, I recognized many of the principles Ms. Van Dijk discusses, listed as suggestions by Marcel Schwantes in Inc. magazine

I’m not a big fan of the “5 simple steps to….”, or the “10 reasons why…” format, but this one, I’ve printed out and posted on my office wall.  Anyone looking to understand and improve their EQ might be wise to give it a read. 

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