Predictive Index

The PI Behavioural Assessment

Pre-employment assessments to ensure candidate job fit– and predict on-the-job success.


The proprietary Predictive Index System consists of a powerful combination of assessment, educational training and consulting support. Our unique model of knowledge transfer enables managers to drive organizational performance with accurate data about their people.

The Predictive Index® (PI®) is a scientifically validated behavioral assessment that predicts workplace behaviour. Founded in science and developed for business use, the PI offers a clear understanding of the behavioral needs and drives of the talent in your organization. Applicable throughout the entire employee life cycle of selection, development, and retention, PI is valid, reliable, and free of bias.

The Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO) is a job analysis tool that identifies the behavioral requirements of a specific job, and can be used for any role, at any level, across your organization. The PRO is designed to work in conjunction with the Predictive Index to evaluate the fit between the needs of the job and a person’s natural behavioural tendencies.

PI Applications

The Predictive Index System is designed to be utilized across the organization with robust business applications. PI provides managers with data for Recruitment and Selection, Coaching, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Succession Planning, and Organizational Development. Through knowledge transfer, our clients become self-sufficient in using PI data for all of their human capital business needs. The outcomes include improved productivity, retention, job satisfaction and management impact, resulting in a high-performing culture.