Frequently Asked Questions from Job-Seekers

Staffworks has successfully helped many candidates to find their dream job at some of Toronto’s top companies. Along the way we’ve noticed a trend in the questions that we receive from employment-hopefuls. Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about working with Staffworks and the job searching process in general:

I have never worked with a recruiter before; how much does it cost for your services?

There is absolutely no cost to job seekers.

How long will it take to find a job for me?

Unfortunately, no recruitment firm can guarantee that all candidates will find employment using their services. In line with this, Staffworks cannot promise or guarantee a timeframe or placement of employment to every job seeker. We CAN promise you that we will use the many tools at our disposal to help with your search for employment.

I have registered with many different agencies and I never heard back from any of them! How are you different?

Staffworks’ recruiters meet with many applicants and we frequently hear this complaint! It certainly can be frustrating for job seekers when they make the effort to complete computer evaluations and go through the preparation and process of interviewing and then never hear back from the recruiter. We do things differently at Staffworks. Our recruiters work very closely together and with the candidates they meet with. Each of our recruiters specializes in a specific job field, so you know exactly who to contact for a job that interests you. This also means that you won’t be bumped around from person to person. However, communication is a two-way activity so plan to initiate regular contact with the recruiter throughout the entire process.

When can I expect you to call me?

At Staffworks we like to go by the motto: “the more the better.” Our recruiters enjoy staying in touch with the job seekers that they meet with. Your recruiter will contact you whenever there is a development or when something takes place that you should be made aware of. Feel free to reach out to your Staffworks recruiter for a status update if you have not heard from them for several days in a row. Remember, it is the main responsibility of the job seeker to keep in touch with the recruiter as to their availability for work, address changes or employment updates.

When should I discuss my salary expectations during an interview?

Salary expectation should be discussed during the recruiter interview at Staffworks’ office. By discussing your expectations, we understand what it is you are looking for and can do a better job of pre-screening opportunities that may be a match for you. As a note, it is suggested that you do not bring up the topic of compensation during an initial interview with a potential employer.

How long/short should my resume be?

While a 2 page resume may be ideal, it really depends on your employment history, expertise, and industry. You may find that your resume flows into 3 or maybe 4 pages due to the amount of information that you have to include. Do not be overly worried about “fitting it in” to 2 or 3 pages. Also, when applying for mid-to-senior level positions, it is expected that you have a more detailed resume.

How should I dress for an interview?

Dress for success! Take the phrase, “dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have” seriously. Showing up to an interview dressed in the way that you would while working in that position will help the interviewer to picture you in the role.

How should I prepare for an interview?

There are many steps to preparing for an interview. Where is it located? Do you have your route mapped out? Who are you meeting with? Have you done your research on the company? Do you have questions ready to ask the potential employer? Do you have several hard copies of your resume with you and are you ready to discuss each point with your interviewer? Always expect that during an interview, the employer will ask you, “what do you know about the company” and/or “what do you know about the industry”? Doing your homework and exhibiting your knowledge of the company or industry will illustrate your level of interest in the position. Have a look at the following links:



What is the minimum wage; is there such thing as a “Foreigner’s Wage”?

There is no such wage as a “foreigner’s wage”. Someone who comes from abroad, is new to Canada or on a working VISA is NOT expected to accept less than the legally established General Minimum Wage. In Ontario, the General Minimum Wage as of January 2018 is $14.00/hour. For updated information please go to:

I have a phone interview; what do I do to prepare?

Phone interviews, sometimes called “pre-screens” are becoming more common because they can save a lot of time for both the employer and potential employee. Doing the same kind of research and preparation that you would do for an in-person interview is recommended. Choose a wired, land line if possible, but if not available, ensure that your cell phone/home phone is charged and has good reception. Ensure that your environment is quiet and distraction/interruption free. Before the call time, have your resume printed and ready, be sure to have a writing pad and pen within arm’s reach and prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer should you be given the opportunity. Remember, you can always ‘hear’ a smile through the phone, so be as natural, well-spoken and clear when you speak and avoid ‘filler’ words like; “um”, “like”, “umhmm”, “yep” and “nope”.

Fraudulent Use of the Staffworks name

Attempts have been made to defraud International applicants by the unauthorized use of the Staffworks Ltd. name via email communications which appear, on the surface, to have originated from someone acting on behalf of Staffworks Ltd.

Please note:

Staffworks Ltd. will never ask you for any money to help you gain employment in Canada.

Staffworks Ltd. is also unable to help you attain a work permit to work in Canada; you must already be legally permitted to work in Canada. No one can guarantee you a job or visa to Canada. Only immigration officers in Canada, at Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates can decide to issue a visa.

Staffworks Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made which were improperly incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.

Report Fraud

If you have received an email which you believe to be fraudulent or have actually been the victim of a scam email, you can report it to your local police, and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud centre at

For more information on how to protect yourself from fraud, visit Immigration Canada’s Protecting Yourself from Fraud page at