Develop and Maintain High-Performing Teams

Develop and Maintain High-Performing Teams

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Work teams are the backbone of contemporary work life, and high-performing teams make a lasting impact, not only your business, but on your workplace culture as well. You need know when to retain the right people and know when to lose those who are not right for your team. Here are some tips to help you develop and, more importantly, maintain high-performing teams:

Focus on the long-term

Review performance data regularly and keep an accurate, objective assessment of potential. CConsider the following:

  • Determine who the current star performers are and what qualities unite them
  • Identify these qualities in more junior members of your team
  • Facilitate opportunities for these prospective star performers to grow, investing time and resources into their development

Let your best people know their value

There’s a way to show your appreciation for your staff without over-inflating their egos. By letting your team know that their efforts are appreciated, their results noticed, their future progress within the company guaranteed and their hard work rewarded, you can cement their loyalty and therefore stand a much better chance of retaining their services.

No one is indispensable

Expect and prepare for some of your team members to move on after a while. You should never leave yourself so exposed that if one high performer leaves, overall performance declines and the team crumbles. Your robust long-term plan should help you to ensure that you are able to cope with losing a star performer, and should include cross-training as much as possible.

There are many measures you can take towards retaining your best staff, and they all feed into the broader measure of making your staff feel valued. Once you’ve done so, and you have a smooth succession plan in place to deal with any unexpected losses, then you will soon be enjoying the fruits of a healthily functioning workforce.