How to find the right organizational fit

How to find the right organizational fit

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When actively job hunting, organizational fit is often overlooked. Whether you choose to work at a start-up or not-for-profit organization is very much dependent on individual preferences. Each tend to have characteristics that might make them a better ‘fit’ for different people.

Here’s a breakdown of each:


Typically at start-ups, career progression can depend on how quickly the company grows, and this can make it more difficult for professionals to move up the career ladder. A proactive approach and flexible attitude is often needed. This initial lack of structure is often what makes start-ups drivers of innovation and creativity. Start-ups can offer a hierarchical structure whilst also allowing opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration. Many start-ups also offer equity to professionals coming in at ground level.

Public sector or not-for-profit

Although not traditionally known for innovation, many public-sector organizations are undergoing a digital transformation in a bid to drive efficiency and as a result are changing that perception. Opportunities for flexible working alongside a less obviously competitive working atmosphere can make the public sector attractive to many professionals looking for steady progression and the opportunity to improve the lives of others.


Known for being proactive with training and investment and usually demonstrating an international presence, corporates traditionally offer clear departmental structure and linear career progression pathways.. Better pay and a more comprehensive benefits package may also be offered. Although often having a reputation for overly rigid processes, many corporates now operate more agile working practices, and within the realms of HR, diversity and inclusion and mental wellbeing are taking much greater precedence.

Every workplace, whether a corporate, start-up or not-for-profit, is unique. Although they are usually easy to segment, it is important to remember that their framework, environment and opportunities vary by example. When considering any role, take every organization on its individual merits, regardless of its size, structure or purpose.

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