Improve Productivity at Work

Improve Productivity at Work

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Not all of us are able to effectively manage our time so as to increase our productivity. Putting in the same amount of effort, some people can complete all their tasks within their working hours, while many others are forced to work overtime to get everything done. Try the following to increase productivity:

Make waking up early a habit

An early morning routine often helps setting people up for the rest of the day. Exercise and enjoying a nutritious breakfast may contribute to you working towards the best of your ability. Fixed habits throughout the day can aid your productivity.

Prioritize current tasks

Allocate a small amount of time each day to determine what tasks are most important that day. Make a plan for your work each day; list specific tasks you need to complete and organize them in order importance and urgency. Grouping similar tasks together will help you prioritize. Simplify your tasks, turning a mountain into a series of small hills. This will make everything seem so much clearer, allowing you to get twice as much done with half the effort. Remember to complete tasks in order of urgency.

Increase your sense of urgency

Work requires a certain sense of urgency. Keep in mind how long it takes others to complete tasks. If a colleague only took one hour to complete a task that took you the whole day then it’s important to reinforce your sense of urgency.  Remain aware of time constraints and remember – once you start, it’s easy to keep your momentum going.


Human brains require rest – we are not able to work at the same pace all day. An excessive workload will only decrease your efficiency, making you work twice as hard while only achieving half the results. Learn to relax your body and mind. Help yourself to relax by standing up in the office, walking around for a few minutes, drinking a glass of water, or getting some fresh air.

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