Image of Staffworks Successful Candidate PlacementCiara

Ciara’s discovery of Staffworks was as simple as the proverbial “one click away”. While she was using one of the other major job-search engines, Staffworks spotted her profile and contacted her. Interviews were soon to follow.

“The agents at Staffworks are attentive and effective in finding a job that best suits the candidate and their desired needs. I found their service to be swift and professional; this perhaps pays homage to the reality of the networking phenomenon, they know the right people and the fitting work environments.”

And they certainly had no trouble finding a job to suit Ciara and her needs.

“This job has allowed me to openly view various avenues within the world of business; particularly the insurance industry. While granting me a greater understanding of who I am, my work leaves me feeling encouraged to acquire a higher set of skills. With improved confidence, my objective in becoming business savvy is even more immediate.”

And though she’s very happy with the experience she’s partaking in, she says “I now have a more comprehensible set of goals, I have a better understanding about my stance in the workplace, and I’m simply not afraid to indulge in greater opportunities.”


Image of Staffworks Successful Candidate PlacementPedro

Pedro had just graduated with an IT diploma, and approached his guidance department for insight regarding professional opportunities. For the level of work he was looking for there was only one place with the expertise to place such a recent grad.

Pedro had the advantage of being charismatic and well-put together, and within two weeks his recruitment coordinator had found him a network specialist opening at a leading executive search firm.

In addition to the remarkable speed with which she worked, Pedro asserts that “My coordinator was more professional [than agents from the other agencies] and more accommodating to my circumstances.”


Image of Staffworks Successful Candidate PlacementMark

Traditionally, job-seekers have been nervous about temporary and contract positions. Certainly, the lack of security can be unnerving. Mark, however, has learned the power of “temporary” work.

Staffworks initially found Mark through a focused search which resulted in several possible candidates being chosen. At the time he had not found the right fit. However, upon meeting him, our coordinators immediately recognized the ambition and potential that he represented.

When a position with a major business process outsourcing firm opened up, his assigned Staffworks coordinator thought that his combination of IT savvy and charisma made him a prime candidate for the position and encouraged him to take a 3 month contract with them. At the end of the 3 months, they hired him, full-time.

So the process clearly worked, but how did it feel? “With Staffworks, it’s a conversation.” He says, “My coordinator took my personality into account and gave me sound advice and personal consideration.”


As featured in 24HR Newspaper:

As featured in 24HR Newspaper: Staffing firms can propel your career to next level (24HR Toronto Edition – June 14th, 2010 edition, page 19)

Image of Staffworks staff membersCandidates at all stages of their career use Staffworks to provide them with a broad range of career options. The company is attractive to a wide variety of job seekers, from recent graduates to freelancers looking to supplement their roster of independent gigs.

Throughout its 10+ year history, Staffworks has become a service of choice for candidates who are looking for coaching and support as they develop their careers.

Susana G. is just one example. By the time she had completed the Staffworks recruitment and assessment process, her recruiter knew she would represent the company with professionalism and integrity. Before long, the firm placed Susana at the Ministry of Health where she was immersed in ample, challenging work. She impressed the client so much that her assignment was extended.

The ministry contact said, “Staffworks understands our urgency when we need temporary employees and works with a minimum lead time to get us great people. In addition, the quality of the temporary staff has always been excellent, often exceeding our expectations.”

Several months later, Susana was offered a permanent role at a related health agency and happily accepted the challenging promotion.

“I’m very grateful for the consultation and ongoing guidance that Staffworks has provided me. Their support and professionalism has definitely helped propel my career,” Susana said.