How to Land a Finance Job

How to Land a Finance Job

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Make sure you check all the boxes when it comes to your finance CV and job application.

Tailor your CV for each job application

Include specific words and terminology used within the job description Examples include: statutory accounting, US GAAP or Sarbanes Oxley. Only use keywords relevant to the skills, experience and knowledge that you have.

Use bullet points

Help your potential employer by using bullet points on your cover letter to highlight your relevance to the position. This will earn you brownie points and will reinforce your interest in the role.

Prove you can add value to the company

When writing your CV you need to include where appropriate any achievements you have had in previous positions, if you can quantify and qualify these by example, even better.

Have you reduced costs?

Nothing appeals more to a finance line manager than figures. If you have managed to reduce costs in a previous position then make sure you include this in your application.

Keep a record of where you have sent your CV

This is important if you are adapting your CV for each role and also useful so that you do not double up on applications.

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