How to Effectively Manage Remote Teams

How to Effectively Manage Remote Teams

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More and more employers are embracing the concept of remote teams, challenging managers to expand their management styles in a different way. Communication is the most essential measure of productivity and cohesion of remote teams, so we’ve put together some tips to help you manage your remote teams:

Have well-structured and regular weekly meetings 

Have a plan and try to stick to it by being organized. Don’t forget to communicate this plan to your team and senior management. There should be no surprises – people should know where you are. Also, if possible, try to see your team members in person on a weekly basis.

Communicate is key and should be regular

This should be done both formally and informally. Pick up the phone to say “hi, how are things” without a business agenda. Be open to feedback, suggestions and ideas regarding how things could operate more efficiently. This will hopefully help to build the engagement of the team.

Be aware of your team and the efforts they are making

You may not be in the office to see the extra hours being clocked up. Other managers in the business should let you know if extra hours are being done. It is really important to acknowledge and praise these efforts.

Schedule quarterly team meetings

A quarterly get-together is important to consider how things are going, areas that require focus and most importantly to celebrate the wins and to plan ahead.

 Trust is vital

Put the key measures in place, set the expectations and if you have the right people in your team, you should be able to trust that they are following the plan.