Love it or leave it – Make the most of your job

We all have days where our jobs frustrate us, but they should be the exception rather than the rule. Your job should challenge and engage you in some way every day. If you find you’re only working for a paycheck and not liking any aspect of your job, then you should seriously consider a move. […]

Creating Work-Life Balance

No matter what career you’re in or how many additional commitments you have, creating a healthy  work-life balance is absolutely essential when it comes to leading a happy and productive lifestyle. But balancing work and play it’s not always easy – especially if you have a particularly demanding career. Listen to your body Many professions […]

Simple Tips to Deal with Stress in the Workplace

Feeling a bit snowed under at work? Well, you’re certainly not alone. It is, however, a good idea to have some stress-busting tools for when deadlines arrive or tasks seem to be mounting at work. Here are 4 simple tips to help you deal with stress that you can easily put into practice at your […]

How to Prove You Deserve a Promotion This Year

Here are some tips to help you prove to your boss that you deserve a promotion: Communicate It’s important to have an open communication channel with your employer. If you’ve previously asked for a promotion and have been declined because “you’re not ready yet,” ask your boss why they think you’re not ready and what […]

Regain Career Momentum

Every job has its ups and downs, moments where you are getting everything right and then a period where nothing goes the way you had planned. Here are some tools to help you get out of your performance rut and regain your career momentum: Reassess where you are in terms of your goals Take some […]

Managing an Overwhelming Workload

Sometimes when there are way too many tasks demanding your attention, it looks far more appealing to forget about all of them and take a break from it all. But attractive as it may sound, this procrastination isn’t sustainable. Here are our top tips to help you tackle the workload: Divide and conquer Divide bigger […]

How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Self

During the interview stage, people often ask us how to strike the right balance between standing out from the crowd and putting their best professional profile forward.
 When an opportunity comes along, showing your personality is certainly a top priority to every hiring manager. 
Here are some tips to help you balance professionalism with personality during the […]

Resilience in the Workplace

Workplaces bring many challenges – excessive workload, lack of autonomy, organizational restructuring and performance scrutiny, just to name a few. Building resilience in the workplace enables us to respond to the challenges that are just the nature of work. Having the right attitude is a great help. Family, friends and a great support network is […]

Tips for a Phone Interview

You applied for that job. Great. Now you have been invited to participate in a phone interview. This is often the first step of the interview process. It gives employers the opportunity to gauge whether you would be a suitable fit for the role before moving forward any further. Here are some of our top […]

Resigning from Your Job: Our Must-Read Guide

Resigning from your job can be the toughest part of the process when starting a new role. Is there a right way to resign? Not necessarily, but we do have some advice to help ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Understand your company’s policies on resignation Check in your current contract with regards to […]