Our family holiday traditions

The Staffworks team is a small but mighty combination of people of different cultures and holiday traditions. We invite you to take a (virtual) peek into our homes and share in our family holiday traditions. Click the links below to be taken directly to a short story! The Enns Family The Gray Family The Gordon […]

Staffworks Fall 2021 Professional Development Event

Click here to Register on Eventbrite Sylvia Apostolidis is the President at The Jasmar Group, a behaviour change consultancy helping companies build team belonging, culture, and performance. She’s been working with companies to build diverse and inclusive workplaces since 2005. Committed to finding real solutions to a complex issue, her company draws on insights from […]

A TED that takes the “tough” out of tough conversations.

TED talks regularly come into my inbox, but only a few make the status of viewed.  This one, in particular, had me listening and engaged in what Micah was saying and thinking about how I could put his thoughtful words into action. Tough conversations can make us sweat, but it is helpful to remember they […]

Lockdown Lessons

It took a pandemic for me to realize two things:  One is that we can work just as well, if not better, from home (yes, took me long enough) and the second is that we can service any region we wish with the same level of professional service and results that we’ve been delivering here […]

Values in Action

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting Pam Ross of Blue Rebel Media for our Spring Client Event.  As we prepared, she sent me a great video that truly gave me pause.  The video is a worthwhile 31/2-minute look at where you are, or better said, your frame of mind, in any given situation, […]

Emotional Intelligence

As I read once, “if you can’t name it, you can’t manage it” which has helped me on my way (no, I will not say journey, nor will I say navigate) to identifying and managing my own emotions. The responsibility for understanding your own emotions starts early.  Children and teens are often the recipients of […]

Returning to the office. What’s next?

A presentation by Pamela Ross. After a decade in HR Pam now provides strategy in leadership to organizations who want to humanize work. Pam will explore and facilitate discussions on the three biggest topics facing managers today. What does back to the office look like? How well can we recover from setbacks? How do we […]

Holiday recipes, from our family to yours.

The Staffworks team is a small but mighty combination of people of different cultures and holiday traditions. And one of the things that we all have in common is our love of food! We’ve put together a list of our favourite holiday recipes below – we invite you to take a (virtual) peek into our […]