Returning to the office. What’s next?

A presentation by Pamela Ross. After a decade in HR Pam now provides strategy in leadership to organizations who want to humanize work. Pam will explore and facilitate discussions on the three biggest topics facing managers today. What does back to the office look like? How well can we recover from setbacks? How do we […]

Holiday recipes, from our family to yours.

The Staffworks team is a small but mighty combination of people of different cultures and holiday traditions. And one of the things that we all have in common is our love of food! We’ve put together a list of our favourite holiday recipes below – we invite you to take a (virtual) peek into our […]

Integrating New Work From Home Hires

Looking for practical tips and guidelines? Click here to view Marsh’s “Returning People to the Workplace Safely: A Practical Guide for Managing COVID-19” in pdf format. See below for our selection of informative tips, videos, and articles! TED Series, “The Way We Work”, TED. Kurter, Heidi Lynne. “4 Ways to Onboard New Hires Quickly […]

Marketing your business as a recruitment strategy

Have you ever looked at the journey a jobseeker goes on when trying to apply for a job with your company? Where do they go to find opportunities? What does this process look like? And finally what messages are you providing them along the way? Clarity is a big issue in the job market. It […]

Creating an effective job description

Creating job descriptions can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Here are some useful tips on putting together an effective job description that attracts the right talent to your organization: Get the basics right Your job title should match the actual description, responsibilities, and level of seniority or experience required in the job. This will […]

Poaching an employee – a closer look

Poaching an employee from a competitor can strike a killer blow, simultaneously boosting your prospects while crippling the other business. It might be good for the bottom line today, but is it a sustainable strategy? On the plus side, there’s potentially a boost to revenue, sales, customers and leads when one of your competitor’s employees […]

A competitive salary is worth its weight in gold

A competitive salary plays a vital role when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people. If your business does not offer a competitive pay package, you may be putting yourself at risk when it comes to sourcing top talent. A smart salary policy can in fact support your business. It’s time to start looking […]

Recognizing Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Knowing how to identify and support employees who are struggling with mental health issues can be imperative to employee’s overall performance and attitude at work. As an employer, you need to recognise the signs and ensure your business has the necessary supports in place. Work life impact on mental health Work can often contribute to […]

Is your company prepared for a cyber-attack?

As new enterprise technologies spread, businesses across multiple sectors are coming to terms with a growing and rapidly evolving landscape of cyber-threats. How can you ensure that your company is protected against cyber-attacks? Review your security policies From email phishing scams to ransomware to malicious websites, it is important to stay updated on the latest […]

Onboarding Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

A good onboarding experience plays an important role in making sure that new employees enjoy their role and ultimately stay at the company. Here are just a few onboarding mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to keep that dream hire. Neglecting your employer brand This is your company’s personality, culture and values. Candidates […]