The advantages of using a recruitment agency  

Rather than allowing a job to become vacant or expecting other employees to pick up the slack, a call to a recruitment agency can bring a quick solution to your employee problems. Here are just some of the advantages of using a recruitment agency: Time saving Recruiting the right person can be an extremely time-consuming activity. […]

Most in Demand Jobs in Canada

With the annual release of HR firm Randstad Canada’s most in-demand jobs in Canada, we can reveal some of the hottest positions in the Canadian marketplace at the moment:

How to be an Attractive Employer

You want to make sure that potential applicants are attracted to your roles. Even more so, you want to secure top talent. How do you keep up with some of the most sought after companies, especially if your business is on the small side?

Why Hire Temp?

Here are the key benefits of hiring a temporary employee and how Staffworks can assist you with the process.