Preparing For Jobs of the Future

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The world of work is changing but this doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect. There are a number of soft skills that you can focus on in order to safeguard your future as an employee.


Complex problem solving

The ability to see relationships between industries and come up with creative solutions to problems that are yet to appear.


Critical thinking

Being able to turn data into insightful interpretations is a complex, yet crucial skill.



The unique ability to build something out of an idea is an invaluable skill.


People management  

Leadership and managerial roles require people skills that cannot often be taught.


Coordinating with others   

Most industries, now and in the future require effective communication and team collaboration.


Emotional intelligence  

Qualities such as empathy and curiosity are a big consideration for employers.


Judgment and decision making   

Condensing large amounts of data into insightful interpretations and decisions is a useful skill in any age.


Service orientation  

Being able to offer value and assistance to clients is always in demand as businesses want to provide solutions to problems.



The ability to come up with a win-win situation for involved parties is crucial.


Cognitive flexibility

Switching between different personas to accommodate the challenges faced is important in multiple industries.


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