How to Prove You Deserve a Promotion This Year

How to Prove You Deserve a Promotion This Year

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Here are some tips to help you prove to your boss that you deserve a promotion:


It’s important to have an open communication channel with your employer. If you’ve previously asked for a promotion and have been declined because “you’re not ready yet,” ask your boss why they think you’re not ready and what you should do to improve. The truth is that every industry and boss have different standards or requirements. When you know what they’re looking for, and you’re working toward being that person, only then can you prove that you deserve a promotion. Choose your words carefully. Instead of “I want a promotion because I deserve it” or “I need the money” lean more towards “I believe I could bring much more benefit to the organization with a more senior position because…” afterwards, continue with your reasoning.

Identify and showcase the profits

The first thing you should do is identify the profitable “trends” you’ve supported, promoted or initiated. Emphasize what you’ve brought to the table as an employee—make a comprehensive list highlighting all your relevant accomplishments and all that the company has gained from your expertise.

Back your claims with stats

Your argument, in this case, cannot be totally subjective or emotional, it should be based on facts and statistical figures. Produce a professionally formatted document featuring the profits the company has gained solely from your contribution. Consistency is key here. Having one or two good reports or well-managed projects will not have the same effect as a consistent 6-month productive contribution. Having a consistently good file will help you address the situation more effectively.

Show that you have gone the extra mile

The entire concept of ranking and promotion is based on “levels”. To show that you are ready for a promotion, you must prove with your thought and action, that you have gone (or are willing to go) a step further. Have you taken on extra projects or worked on multiple projects simultaneously because one of your fellow employees was on holidays? Maybe you can underline your superior management skills or multitasking potential with specific examples of what you‘ve done over time.

Make sure not to evade responsibility or overstate your contribution

One thing that almost all employers expect from senior-ranked employees is transparency and trust. Never make your mistakes the subject of conversation but assuming it does come up, do not evade responsibility. State your willingness to improve (or even show how you’ve improved) and your boss will know you’re already partly up for the promotion.

All in all, your case should be based on your statistics, qualification, and contributions instead of needs or wants. If you can use math to prove that you’re fit for promotion, any reasonable person should not disagree.

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