Regain Career Momentum

Regain Career Momentum

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Every job has its ups and downs, moments where you are getting everything right and then a period where nothing goes the way you had planned. Here are some tools to help you get out of your performance rut and regain your career momentum:

  1. Reassess where you are in terms of your goals

Take some quiet time with a pen and a piece of paper to reflect. Consider asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • What are my most recent goals that I set myself?
  • Are these goals still the same? If not, how have they changed?
  • What’s important to me?
  • How is my performance measured?
  1. Be realistic

Analyze your current situation to try and understand why you aren’t reaching your goals. How did you get here and what’s the underlying cause? It’s really important to be honest with yourself here, so you can identify the reality of the situation, and try to pinpoint why exactly your performance is suffering. Ask yourself:

  • When did I last reach my goals, and what did I do differently to what I am doing now?
  • Which obstacles do I find myself facing on a regular basis?
  • What is the cause of these obstacles?
  • How do they hinder me from meeting my goals?
  • How do I react to them? What is my current approach to problem-solving?
  1. What is open to you?

Set a new route for yourself and get back on the road towards success. Look at every challenge you are facing and how you can rise to each one. Ask yourself:

  • What are the options for overcoming each obstacle?
  • Who can support me in overcoming these obstacles?
  • What’s my back up plan?
  • Who do I know who is reaching their goals, and what can I learn from them?
  1. Map out your path

Commit to specific actions you’ll take in order to move forward towards your goal. For this to work, these actions must be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific: Ensure each goal is specific and clear in your mind.
  • Measurable: Now that you have a better idea of your goal, how will you measure your progress with these goals?
  • Attainable: Plan how you will attain these goals, and be prepared to put in work.
  • Realistic: Put your goals into the context of your wider career plan, giving you the force to complete them.
  • Timely: Goals need a beginning, middle and end point. When are you going to start? When are you expecting to have achieved your goal?

Remember that this underperformance rut doesn’t have to throw your career journey completely off course. By working through it, you will find yourself able to re-route, get back on track, and ever closer to reaching your goals.

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