Soft skills sought by employers

Soft skills sought by employers

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The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. Innovations in the digital realm are continuously altering the way we operate. Therefore employers now want their staff to demonstrate new skills to succeed in the face of today’s challenges that perhaps the last wave of employees did not encounter. Below are some soft skills that are most in demand.

Willingness to learn

A willingness to learn is the most requested soft skill in the world of work today. Hiring managers want the ideal candidate to be proactive and take the initiative to continuously develop themselves as well as communicate this to others. Examples of this:

  • listening to webinars and podcasts on your commute
  • looking at what the competition is doing
  • keeping an eye on customer feedback
  • recommending news articles to existing colleagues
  • creating email alerts for yourself around topics of interest

Regardless of the industry, a desire to stay on top of current trends and changes relevant to your profession is valued by businesses both large and small. This also shows that you are self-aware.

Understanding customers

Technology has helped evolve consumer behaviour. Businesses are now steered towards customer experience and behavioural patterns of how users engage with their products and services. This is why organizations now require someone who can keep up with these technological changes within their sector and suggest new ways for the business to adapt.

Adapting to change

Employers want people who can move out of their comfort zone and see change as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Having the ability to accept and adapt is important as adjusting to a new environment is now part of the modern world of working. Reasons to adapt could be a variation of organizational and technological changes, or on how to evolve and develop your skillset to stand out in any stage of your career. Some may not always be expected, but it primarily falls down to how you immerse yourself in that process and are able to rise above the challenge.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Learning something new and thinking of smart solutions to challenges is a key part of progressing in your career, however these will get lost if you’re not able to communicate your knowledge to others. Bringing ideas to the table and communicating your views effectively will show your value to the organization, but crucially, it’s how you communicate this is what makes a difference. Employers favour jobseekers who are comfortable speaking with people at all levels of an organization in a professional manner.

Organizational skills

Employers look for candidates who have attention to detail in organizing their time to ensure productivity is maximized, deadlines are met and all resources are coordinated with no room for error. The world of work can be sometimes unpredictable, whether this is through cutting budgets or being more conscious towards cost in this current economy. As an employee, they want you to stay focused no matter what the situation may be.

These soft skills will help you stand out to employers, both now and in the future. When you combine these developed soft skills with digital literacy and relevant technical skills, you will be closer to achieving a successful career.

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