Why Speed is Important When Hiring Top Talent

Why Speed is Important When Hiring Top Talent

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Do you lose out on top talent during recruitment because of delays in the hiring process? Understandably, delays are often unavoidable; decision makers have their own roles and duties or they have internal steps they must take before they can start the interview process.

During this time the tendency from many is to go quiet and cease communication until the employer is ready to move. This is a big mistake – and guaranteed to leave the candidate feeling deflated. Changing jobs is one of the biggest things a person will do in life and doubts can creep in the longer a process drags on. Equally, a candidates’ impression of a company can be shaped by the recruitment process. An apparent lack of interest is extremely off-putting for candidates and they will often assume that is how a company treats their employees. It is no longer acceptable to tell a candidate you will have feedback in a week and leave them waiting for over a month. Candidates tend to assume they are being held as second choice and lose interest.

How a company manages the downtime between the stages of the hiring process can often be as important as the actual interview meetings in attracting a candidate. Communication is key. The easiest solution is to keep in regular contact – keep potential candidates informed throughout. Giving a lead time for the next update or explaining the reasons for delays will keep the candidate engaged ensuring you stand a better chance of securing top talent.

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