Struggling to Find a Finance Job?

Struggling to Find a Finance Job?

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You have applied to a number of finance jobs but haven’t heard anything back. Here are some reasons why and how you can improve your chances:

Your CV isn’t selling your skills

If your CV doesn’t clearly demonstrate your strengths and achievements in a succinct way, you will not get called for interview. Don’t skip the technical stuff – US? GAAP? SOX? SAP? – if you’ve used it, include it.

You aren’t applying for the right jobs

If you are aiming for something you have no experience in it’s unlikely an employer is going to hire you in a finance position – unless it’s a trainee position. Carefully read the advertisement and if you are confident you have the skills required then apply for it.

There are no jobs going in your area of expertise

Without previous experience it’s hard to get jobs in some of the companies you might be looking at, though not impossible. Consider contracting if you can as there is greater flexibility – you don’t always need the experience required in a permanent role for a contract position.

Your salary expectations aren’t in line with what is being offering

This doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities available but it means you have to look at the bigger picture, not just base salary. Look for recent accountancy and finance salary guides, but bear in mind every employer has a different budget.

Talk to one of our recruitment specialists about how you might go about approaching the job market, we have plenty of tips to help you even if we don’t have the jobs right now.