Why smart companies choose Staffworks for recruitment services

Why Choose Staffworks for Recruitment Services


There are many recruitment services in and around Toronto. In order to thrive in this aggressive and saturated space, a recruitment firm MUST offer exceptional service to its clients at every turn. As our tagline suggests, our entire focus is on serving our clients with integrity and providing a quality-filled, consistently outstanding experience. Below are 5 of the top reasons why many of Toronto’s leading companies have chosen to work with Staffworks for their recruiting and staffing needs:

1. The flexibility you need…

Every company is different! Because we are a boutique recruitment firm, we have the ability to tailor our services to meet your needs, budget and requirements.

2. We move with a sense of urgency like no other!

Our clients are often under pressure to find talent as soon as possible. We know that our success lies in consistently finding the absolute best talent match for our clients’ needs within the designated timeframe and without exception or compromise. Doing exactly this is what has made Staffworks into the leading recruitment firm that it is today.

3. Strong relationships matter!

We are about long standing relationships, we want to be with you for the long haul. Our highly qualified recruitment industry specialists will work with you as if you were our only client.

4. We have the right tools for the job.

Staffworks recruiters use many different tools to get the job done and done right. In addition to behavioural-based interviews, reference checks and computer evaluations to confirm a candidate’s skills, we also administer the Predictive Index Survey to each and every candidate. Need more? That’s just the short list of tools we use to find the ideal candidate for you!

5. Ultimate convenience!

We are your one-stop-shop. When you partner with Staffworks, you have access to not only recruitment services, but a wide range of value added services related to the recruitment and hiring process. A sample of these services include: access to over 1,300 online evaluations ranging from customer service skills evaluations, to computer application/software skill verification evaluations, Credit Checks, Criminal Background Checks, Education Verification and much more. Staffworks can also administer, evaluate and award AODA Certification to candidates when required by an employer.

Why not contact us today to discuss how we may be able to assist your company with its recruiting needs?