What to tell your recruiter

What to tell your recruiter

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Your recruiter’s main responsibility is to support you in your job search through spotting suitable roles, seeking out companies they think you’d be a good fit for, interview preparation and providing you with expert advice whenever you need it. For the above to work, you need to provide your recruiter with all the information they need from the beginning.

Why you are looking for a new job

Your reasons for wanting to leave a role could be anything; the culture, the lack of progression opportunities, your boss’s management style, the company size or aspects of the role itself. Whatever it is, relay this information in a positive and professional way. The recruiter will keep this information confidential, using it only to eliminate unsuitable roles that they may have otherwise offered to you.

What is your ideal job description

Let them know what would your ideal job description look like. Consider the below:

Key responsibilities

Write down the key responsibilities of your ideal role, based upon what you enjoy about your current role as well as in previous jobs. You should also let the recruiter know how much you want to progress within your perfect role, and how this fits with your wider career goals.

Strengths and weaknesses

Next, be clear on what your unique selling points are, identifying the hard and soft skills which suit your hypothetical responsibilities, and the areas in which you may need to upskill. Your recruiter can advise you on how to bridge any skills gaps, and may know of opportunities that can support you in doing this.

Dream company to work for

Everybody’s definition of a great place to work will differ, and yours will be unique. However, consider the below when building your criteria for the ideal work environment:

Company size and scale

Perhaps you want to stay within a large global organization where you communicate with businesses overseas, gradually working your way up the long corporate ladder. Maybe you like the idea of working for a start-up or an SME, where you will have a lot of responsibility and exposure to influential stakeholders almost straight away.


Which industries have you previously enjoyed working in, or which could tie in with your passions, hobbies and interests? You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself based on your previous industry experience – plenty of hiring managers will welcome industry outsiders.

Company culture

Which type of environment is your personality suited to? There’s no right or wrong answer here. If you are naturally talkative and outgoing, then explain that you need to be in a sociable lively workplace. If you are more introverted and prefer to keep yourself to yourself, that’s also fine – if this is the case, you may suit a quieter, more focused office environment..


These are rewards, benefits, flexible working policies, location/minimum commuting times and salary. Have these clear in your mind and ready to relay during your job search. The great thing about using a recruiter is that they will have this information to hand, and can discuss on your behalf when negotiating a job offer.

The ‘essentials’ and the ‘bonuses’ you are looking for

Separate the ‘essentials’ from the ‘nice-to-haves’. Be realistic, some roles won’t tick every box, but certain factors will be key to your workplace well-being and career goals. Highlight the parts you could compromise on, so that your recruiter knows not to pass you up for a promising opportunity, just because it wasn’t 100 percent perfect.

Be honest, specific, and constructive. From the very first meeting onwards, ensure that you keep communication with your recruiter fluid and regular, updating them on your key criteria for the perfect opportunity. This is essential to building a relationship; ensuring that you are only put forward for the most suitable roles, not just now, but during every step of your career journey.

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