When company values do not align with your team’s values, disengagement surely follows.

When company values do not align with your team’s values, disengagement surely follows.

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Values, Beliefs, Guiding Principles, whatever you call them, these are the framework upon which your company’s business is built.  They are also the lens through which your employees will make business decisions. 

Staffworks, like many businesses, has used this pandemic to find new ways to add value for Staffworks’ customers.  One of the things we did to of turn this pandemic lemon glut into lemonade was to refine our operating principles at Staffworks and ensure that they still line up with our individual values. 

Writing them down is just the first step.  When put into action in day-to-day operations, your team will know they are not just nice words on your website.  Saying you’re family first doesn’t really hold up when employees are repeatedly expected to work into the evening.  Saying you’re collaborative without providing specific opportunities for your teams’ ideas to be discussed and experimented on does more damage than good.   It is worth the time to demonstrate your values being put into action. 

A great example of an organization redefining their values during Covid is Alter Agents, a market research consultancy in L.A.  Founder Rebecca Brooks talks about the process she and her team went through to land clearly on their company values, in her article for Forbes’ magazine, “How clear Business Values Can Get Your Company Through the Pandemic”. 

We know its good business to review your company’s strategic plan, policies and operations.  Company values are no different and taking a fresh look at them, particularly after the year we’ve been through, is a great step in helping to clearly map out your company’s (new) future. 

Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca Brooks Founder and CEO of market research consultancy, Alter Agents; believer that powerful insights can change businesses. Read Rebecca Brooks’ full executive profile here.