Why Hire Temp?

Why Hire Temp?

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There are many benefits of employing a contractor or “temp” and more and more companies are taking advantage of this option. The most common industries where you will find these types of workers are Finance, IT and Office Administration. Here are the key benefits of hiring a temporary employee and how Staffworks can assist you with the process.


If you have an unexpected or unplanned vacancy in your business you can look to get someone in your office tomorrow morning to take control of the open role. Finding someone permanent could take weeks or months which is time consuming, stressful and costly to your business.

No risk

Hiring a permanent employee comes with risks. Most companies have experienced the repercussions of a bad hire. If you hire a temporary employee, this removes the risk as you have flexibility of finishing a contract early or extending as needed.

Cost effective

You’re saving the costs involved in advertising, recruiting, hiring, training and providing full time benefits to a permanent employee. If a permanent hire doesn’t work out then you are back to the drawing board and have to pay all over again.

Test drive

If you take on a temporary worker and they prove to be a capable asset to your company, you can opt to make that person a permanent employee at any stage. This works to your advantage as you can use the temporary option to have a person show that they are capable of performing the role before you commit to making that person a permanent.

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